Connect to Lightspeed Internet

Take our survey to support getting affordable, reliable, high-speed fiber-to-the-home service in your community.

Sertex is building fiber networks in towns and cities throughout the northeast!

In the world today, everyone needs fast, affordable, reliable internet. By taking part in the survey above, you’ll share your interest in having a lightspeed municipal fiber network to serve your home, business, and community. Once we hear from you and your neighbors, we can begin working with your town to close the digital divide by building a high-speed FTTX network in your community.

Fiber broadband brings life-changing benefits to everyone it connects. It is future-proof, storm-resistant, and has the bandwidth to handle unlimited devices from smartphones and gaming systems to computers and video monitoring devices.

FTTX connections deliver:

  • Gigabit symmetric upload and download speeds
  • Unlimited streaming, gaming, conferencing, surfing
  • Consistent signal strength for more devices
  • Lower-cost service and operation with no data caps
  • Reliable operation even when the power goes out
  • Responsive customer service
  • Ease of working and learning from home
  • Increase your home value

Building a Fiber Network Starts with YOU!

There are many steps in the process of building a municipal FTTX network. The first and most important milestone is gathering community interest. That's why we are connecting directly with homeowners and businesses to take part in our broadband survey.

Please help us get your community started on the road to a fiber future!